Kitchen Drawer runners

Quick Guide to Choosing Kitchen Drawer Runners

Drawer runners are an essential part of home hardware, offering utility in every room. It is particularly true for kitchen drawer runners, given that they are pulled out several times a day. Damaged runners will quickly become a source of frustration because the operation of your drawers will be hindered. Replacing kitchen drawer runners is a cost-effective and easy project. You can take it up as a DIY project or hire professionals to install new runners.

If you are in the market to hire professional services for kitchen drawer runner’s installation, then REJS Ltd is the one for you. We are a reputable firm in the UK that offers a wide range of accessories such as magic corner cabinets, wardrobe furnishings, and drawer runners. Our kitchen drawer runners can hold heavy weights and are the perfect solution to smooth out daily operation.

Mounting Options
Choosing kitchen drawer runners is crucial to having an efficient operational space. At REJS Ltd, we offer three mounting options, including under-mount, side mount, and center mount. In this quick guide, we suggest that if you are replacing old slides, then opt for the same mounting type. However, if you are constructing a new drawer, then you will have the liberty to choose the one you prefer.

Motion Features
Another variable that impacts your choice of kitchen drawer runners is the motion feature you would like to include. Our range of drawer slides comes in three features: soft-close, push-to-open, and self-close. Self-close is the perfect option for kitchens that have high traffic. It is possible that the drawer does not close completely in the hustle. Self-closing runner mechanism is ideal for such kitchens. Soft close is our best-selling runner because it decreases the noise and increases the drawer’s life. Touch Release reduces the need for visible hardware such as handles on cabinets. It offers a modern look and is suitable for kitchens with tight corners.

The diversity of kitchen drawer runners at REJS Ltd can be confusing. For this reason, our customer support staff is available to answer any queries and will also guide you to opt for the one that fits your precise requirements.