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Types of Casement Windows South London

Casement windows South London are rising in popularly owing to a couple of features that enhance the quality of life and ensure an unobstructed view of your geographical surroundings. Homeowners opt for this window because of the variety of benefits these windows provide. Unlike other kinds of windows, these do not have a center rail and opens outward.

The majority of the time, when individuals mention casement windows, they are speaking of single casement windows. However, there is a wide range of types within this window category offered by Rafael & Gabriel. We have several years of experience in the windows industry and offer casement windows at affordable rates. Our service providers are highly qualified and trained, making them capable of guiding you to opt for the right type that matches your overall d├ęcor.

Single Frame Casement Windows
Possibly the most sold of all types of casement windows at Rafael & Gabriel Ltd is the one with a single frame. These windows are elegant and simple, with an easy to open and operate option. Moreover, you will find it super easy to maintain casement windows in South London. Single frame casement windows consist of glass panels packed into the frame. The best feature is that you can choose an outward or inward casement window opening.

Double French Casement Windows
Otherwise known as French casement windows, these are constructed with two or more windows that are hinged together from the sides. Given that these casement windows do not have a center stile, you will have an unhindered, wide glass pane. Compared to single-frame windows, this type is slightly costlier but will make your house look attractive. Moreover, it is a maintenance-friendly alternative.

Push Out Casement Windows
At Rafael & Gabriel, we also offer unique casement windows South London such as the push-out window. This type does not have a crank; rather, they function with a simple handle turn and a push to open. If you are looking for a simple and easy window option, try installing a push-out casement window. We offer these windows in bother contemporary and traditional styles to meet the demands of our diverse clientele.